5 Experiences that give the same Thrill as Online Rummy

People play card games for various reasons, esp. rummy online. Some come here to earn real money, some play for the love of the game, some play for leisure or as a pastime, while some players play for the thrilling experience that it gives, matches by only a few other activities. it is easy to learn and start playing rummy, for the online version, you just need a mobile and internet connection. Rummy online is a game of skills, but it also has the uncertainty factor because even one move can be a game-changing one, this makes it thrilling. Besides Indian rummy gaming, which other experiences give the same kind of thrill? Have you experienced any? Here are some:

Sudoku or crossword

There won’t be a single person who hasn’t played a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. Just like rummy, they provide high level of mental stimulation and focus, and reduced stress. Often times while playing these puzzles, you must have stuck up on a word or number, tried various permutations and combinations, and after a considerable amount of time, out of nowhere, you must have suddenly got the answer! And felt extremely thrilled and excited.

Adventure Sports

The kind of adrenaline rush that we get while taking part in adventure sport activities, is just unmatchable. You name it – skydiving, mountaineering, trekking, camping, rappelling, rafting, or scuba diving. If you have experienced any of these, the racing heartbeats, thrill, excitement, and the feeling of finally crossing the line feel just like the one in Rummy, right?

Action movies

If you are a rummy player and a movie lover, then one thing common for you will be – action or Thriller movies. Every time there’s a high-octane action scene, you come to the edge of your seat. As the story unfolds and the hero deciphers the true villain of the movie against all odds, every twist and turn provide the thrill and excitement, as you too keep guessing, in which direction will the story turn? Same way, you observe, then strategize, make your move, and win the game of rummy.


This is always an exciting prospect, right from the planning stage till the moment you finally get to your destination. We plan the dates, places, and book the travel tickets, and then spend the middle days in excitement and anticipation. These emotions are similar while playing rummy, as you plan your next moves using your tips and tricks, and feel the thrill as the game unfolds. Besides, you also get to meet new and like-minded people in both, travel & rummy!


Whether you are playing it or watching T20 cricket, the thrill and excitement exists before every ball is bowled, because you just don’t know what will happen, even if you make some plans. Even one dropped catch or a six can turn the game’s result. You are literally on the edge of your seat as the last couple of overs unfold, just like how you are nearing the completion of all sequences/sets in play rummy. In both the games, you need to have presence of mind in every move/every ball bowled.

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