How to implement the web accessibility and legalization

Before anyone can make their website accessible, they must first understand accessibility, commit to ensuring accessibility, learn how to implement Web accessibility, and be aware of their legal responsibilities.

Commitment and accountability:


Awareness of barriers is the foundation of any commitment to accessibility. Many do not recognize the challenges that disabled users face, few developers are opposed to the broad concept of inclusive design.


Your organization’s web content is most likely accessible. So, the leadership of your organization demonstrates a commitment to web accessibility. If developers make content available, they believe their efforts will be appreciated, recognized, and rewarded.

Policies and Procedures:

When policies and procedures support the concept of accessibility, it becomes part of the daily routine. Implementing an internal accessibility policy is the best approach for a large organization.

Technical assistance and training:

A developer can learn the fundamentals of Web accessibility in a matter of days, but as with any technical skill, internalizing the mindset and techniques can take months. Free resources for administrators, developers, and designers include articles, resources, an email discussion list, a monthly newsletter, and blogs. Many professionals can assist your organization in ensuring high accessibility.

Laws and Standards:

There are an international set of guidelines by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Creating them by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the Web’s governing body. These guidelines, which serve as the foundation for the majority of web accessibility laws around the world, are based on four principles:


Available to the senses for sight and hearing, primarily via the browser or assistive technologies.


Users can use the mouse, keyboard, or assistive device to interact with all commands and interactive elements.


The content is evident and avoids ambiguity and confusion.


The information can be made available by a massive variety of technologies.