Where does the casino sit in current popular culture and are they still seen as cool?

For a long time, casinos were seen as the very epitome of glamorand class. Places like the Monte Carlo casino were viewed by many in popular culture as highly refined places where the jet-set met to play fun games. This view of casinos in popular culture was further reinforced in the past by the image of casinos in many TV shows andmovies.

But is this view of casinos still relevant in current popular culture,and where exactly do they sit now?

Casinos still have their place in modern times

There are lots of things that have come along recently to challenge casinos as the king of cool. Online music mixing is one and can give you a real buzz when getting your playlist just right. The truth is that casinos still retain their relevancein pop culture. Much of this comes down to two things. The first is that movies, TV shows, and literature still use casinos as a setting for exciting, glamorous action.

The other significant way casinos still maintain an important place in current pop culture lies in how they have changed over time. The development of online casino play is an excellent example of this. The best NJ online casinos, including the famous Resorts Casino with its wide choice of games and fun promotions, have helped the whole industry move with the times and remain fresh.

As we have already noted, many modern movies use a casino setting to add drama and excitement to their story. But which are the best examples that keep these gaming palaces entrenched in our minds?

Casino Royale

In modern times, the Daniel Craig helmed Casino Royale certainly helped keep casinos firmly in our culture. The major gambling action takes place in a high-stakes game between Bond and the villain Le Chiffre. Not only is it exciting, but it is also super-cool!.


Although this was from the mid-1990s, Casino is a film that did very well and reminded everyone of how edgy, thrilling, and cool casinos could be. Starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, it is an adrenaline-fueled ride through Mob-backed casino play and the lengths they would go to succeed.

The Hangover

Hit movies make up a large part of pop culture because many people see the best ones. The Hangover did very well when released in 2009, and there was a great casino scene in the film, which really worked. It saw Alan win over $80,000 on blackjackand also spawned a host of GIFs and memes in real-life.

Casinos and pop culture remain friends

Although the relationship between pop culture and casinos is a long one, it shows no signs of faltering. Modern films help keep the bond strong, as we have seen above, while other media types, including books, TV shows, and music, also help. For now, casinos remain cool and something which we all recognize as a byword for glamour.