Finding a good piano teacher isn’t a cake walk. You need to find someone who is compatible with you and understands your personality. having a good teacher can be the key to success and the opposite can happen if your teacher isn’t good. So, here is a step by step guide which can help you find a piano teacher which is perfect for you. 

  1. Be clear about your priorities 

The very first step towards find a good teacher is to sort and know your priorities. Be aware about what you are expecting from your learning experience. Some questions which you can ask yourself to figure out this are, ‘What are my goals’, ‘When do I plan on achieving those goals’, ‘What kind of learning experience do I want to have’, these questions will help you to have a clearer view about what you should be looking for in your piano teacher.

  1. Research 

Once you are clear about your priorities and goals, next step is to do a little research about and on your potential teachers. You should ask around for references. Take into account the opinions of your friends and family. Someone’s experience can help you to avoid make the same mistakes.The internet is a vast and never ending pool of information which can help you get some insight about where to find good piano teachers

  1. Interview your potential teacher

Qualified teachers are hard to find, therefore it is very important to interview your teacher before you begin your practice with him/her. Ask about his qualifications and experience, because experience is a sign of a good teacher. It will also help you to understand whether or not you both are compatible with one another and can you even afford him. Therefore, interview is a very essential step before deciding on a piano teacher and it cannot be skipped. 

  1. Don’t give up too soon

Finding a perfect teacher can be tiring, both physically and mentally. There are chances that your trial runs fail and you have to take multiple trials with different teachers. Just know that the process takes time and don’t panic and compromise on any teacher which isn’t compatible with you. Learning piano is an art and it cannot be rushed. Compromising or adjusting with a teacher won’t reap you benefits in the long run. Keep calm and keep looking until you find the perfect piano teacher for yourself.

The beginning of piano lessons lays the foundation for your entire music experience with the instrument. If your basics are wrong or unclear you won’t be able to learn piano properly or succeed in the field. Therefore, a good teacher is like an investment, which will lead to great returns. Make a checklist, include all the steps mentioned above and you will be able to land a pretty good teacher who understands you, is compatible for you and has great experience and knowledge which enhances your learning experience.