Swallow From Homemade Gloryhole

My husband planned a poker party for a total of nine guys for his best friend, he also added a twist to building a small private room with a gloryhole, so in each game of poker, The winners had the opportunity to use the glory holes for their joy I several times to my husband, his friends, to work the magnificent spots for him that we are open marriage I talked about how much I like to fuck and smoke some of them.

My husband told everyone about the surprise, but they were excited, not I was doing it. The party day came, and my husband and I drove to our lake house and prepared for the party before everyone arrived. Hiding, no one knew it was me behind the wall, locked the door, sent a text to her husband, and told him he was ready.

About 30 minutes after everyone arrived.

Shortly after the party started, the guys won at the card table, the hard cock came into the hole, and the voice I recognized was “Here the baby sucks this because it was my husband’s friend Gary. I leaned forward, “said” I put his stiff cock in my mouth and then started licking his shaft up and down before sucking it entirely in my mouth, I Gary pushed the wall as he sucked his cock and rubbed his ball, and soon he moaned, and his cock was full I milked him drop by drop, Then when his cock slipped out of the hole, my mouth with his warm semen.

I wiped the semen out of my mouth just in time for another hard cock to slip into the hole. I didn’t know who this guy was from his voice, but after licking his cock’s head, he took him all. I sucked back and forth in my mouth for a few minutes until he sprayed his luggage behind my throat.

The next guy I recognized was my husband’s boss, Steve, who I met several times before, and he looks good… I kissed him before deep throating, And I didn’t waste time licking his cock and ball; he exploded a large amount of semen in my mouth and made me nauseous, and I made it my mouth. I ran out of it and let my chin drip on my boobs. When the guy won the hand of the card while I was sucking the winner’s cock, the other guy seemed to play another round.

About an hour later, I sucked five cocks and semen accumulated in my mouth, and my husband came and glorified the men, just as some guys asked if there was a girl behind the wall. I wondered if I could get raped through the hole. I will be happy.

I told Tim if he was doing well with it and didn’t know who the mysterious girl was anyway. Eventually, another winner appeared and told me to put my ass back in the hole to try some of my cats. He went around, pushing my ass against the wall and felt his fingers rubbing my clitoris. Wetting his cock and increasing the pace, his cock slapped my pussy and made a slap.

When he finished cumming in me, pulled out his climax and ran down the back of my feet, I just had another guy named Troy, who I knew for years, pierced his cock. I slipped into and wiped myself just in time for licking it, pulling him down my throat, shaking my head back and forth violently, and dropping a large amount of semen in my mouth until I was about to suffocate. , When he made another voice, he said he wanted a cat, so I sat down in the hole and felt a hard cock slipping into me. He raped me violently and then told me to look back so he could have a vaginal cum shot in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock, but after I put him in my mouth, I was able to taste the juice mixed with his Ziz while sucking the last drop of semen from his cock.

Steve, my husband’s boss, puts his cock in and out at a stable pace long enough for me to get orgasm and my whole body; when he begins to fill me with his warm seeds, I had to take a break for a few minutes after Steve was over, who was the next guy to fuck my wet cat because he shook.

After a few minutes of rest, his husband Tim came to the door, and I put him in with me. He told the guys to go to the bathroom, but instead, he wanted to fuck me while I was sucking a stiff cock, so another guy named Mike came into the hole I put it in and flicked his cock, so I started licking my head and shaft until he was good and stiff.

While I was sucking Mike’s penis, Tim slowly started fucking my cat, and from the excitement, seeing Tim fill my cat and I suck Mike’s stiff rooster, Mike was nervous as he filled my mouth with his semen. After Mike turned back, I turned around and stuck out my tongue, filling my mouth with semen while Tim spilt out of my tongue and dripped onto my boobs. He finished fucking me. Tim was watching his semen run out of my cat and my paws. Tim left, and I continued the winner’s work as a more brutal dick came through the opening for me to suck or fuck, and I even put my boobs in a hole, and some guy kissed my nipples and played with them and rubbed their cocks on my nipples.

A few hours later, three guys were out of luck at the card table, so Tim suggested that he stop playing cards for a while and let the three guys take turns in the hole of glory, so the first guy was Tony. Did. I never thought I would give him a blow job, but here his cock was stuck in a hole, so he put it in his mouth and swirled his tongue around his shaft, moving it back and forth. .. He moaned and covered the back of my throat with his warm luggage. I sucked all the drops from him until I slipped his lithe cock out of my mouth. I heard Tim tell Donnie to change his turn. Will he have sex with a hot pussy or suck a dick … he sucked my head in my mouth and Bob until Donnie filled my mouth with his luggage.

The story tells us that the third man is our neighbour and our best friend, Jerry. I heard Jerry want a cat, so I felt Jerry’s cock rubbing my clitoris, so I put my poop on the wall before he slipped, it’s inside me And started moving it back and forth, and this feels good to be fucking me. I knew who was fucking me, but he was fucking his neighbour. I didn’t think it was a good fuck. He kept fucking me until I almost collapsed with an orgasm. Still, I was hanging on them until Jerry picked up the pace to fuck me. I kept fucking me until he was empty, then slipped his wet, limp cock out of my cat, and a lot of climaxes began to flow down my feet; I said he was in my mouth. I was glad I didn’t climax and suffocate.

When I got rid of it, Tim came in and said that at dawn, everyone wanted the last blowjob of the night, so they took turns hard cocks coming through the holes, and I got each dick Drops of semen were sucked out of their cocks until they sucked, and all nine cocks were sucked and dried.

After everyone left, Tim brought me to talk about what happened through the poker game and all the winners. Tim also said he had installed two hidden cameras. He filmed me doing everyone and made one set up to show who I was doing it.

Tim and I drank a few cups and sat down to play the recording. Just seeing who was in the hole of glory, pushing the cock into my mouth and fucking me made me and Tim feel great. Just seeing myself holding a cock and seeing who fills my mouth with semen and who throbs my pussy and fills it with semen, very to say the least Exciting and erotic, Tim and I will start planning another party. You can fill your hungry mouth and pussy with a bit of more cock juice! Until the next party …