With summer around the corner, it’s time to get those legs out. What better way to do so, than in a home-made pair of denim cut-offs? Here’s how to easily create the perfect shorts, and it’s 100% fool proof:

Start by picking the right pair of jeans

You’ll obviously need a pair of jeans that you feel okay about to cut. I prefer using jeans that are slightly too big, or have a boyfriend fit. So, if you don’t feel like wrecking your own jeans, simply use a pair of your bf. “No honey, I haven’t seen your jeans!”

Turn them inside out

So, after you stole found the right pair, it’s time to get crafty. Before you do anything else though: always turn your jeans inside out first. This way you’ll make sure that you don’t accidentally cut through the pockets for example.

The inseam trick

Hold your horses, don’t start chopping right away! First, you’ll need to do some measuring. It’s best to keep in mind that ideally the inseam needs to be bit longer than the outer seam, to create a natural looking angle. Also, this way your legs will look longer. Bonus points!

Use chalk

After the measuring, you’ll need to draw a line across the legs, so you’ll be able to cut straight. A clever trick is to use chalk for this, as it comes off easily when you’re done. Now it’s time to chop!


When you’re done cutting, you might want to add some extra’s, fraying for example. You can easily do this by pulling out the seams from the hemline with a needle or tweezers. This will create a more natural looking fray, but if you’re up for a little more, simply throw your shorts in the washing machine.

Another tool that’s often used to add that vintage touch to your shorts is sandpaper. Take a piece of it and gently rub it over your shorts. Effective and super easy! Now pair it with some sliders and lovely retro Cutler and Gross Glasses for a perfect beachy look!

Have you ever made denim cut-offs yourself?