The Traditional Literature Club comes up with the concept of seizing the jūmonji thief through Hōtarō’s skills. In the meantime, various clubs report that numerous small things have been stolen from them properly and that at each crime scene, there is a be aware left by the offender, known solely as Jūmonji. Berg Katze for some time and retrieved Rui’s Word to return it to Rui and resolve the battle. The members of the Cooking Society give her another one, and hours later discovers that a be aware is left at the station, signifying that the mysterious thief has struck once more. The Kanya Festival is approaching, and all 4 members of the Basic Literature Membership are not able to sleep from the anticipation of this pageant.

Hōtarō greets his sister in the morning, who says that it is a tradition for the Traditional Literature Club always to face some sort of trouble throughout the festival. Satoshi makes it to the ultimate 4 and runs into an acquaintance, Tani, anime stationery set from the Go Membership, who tells him some Go stones have been stolen. Satoshi does reasonably, and Eru does excellently, but Eru, by chance, uses many of the allotted substances. When Mayaka arrives late to do her part of the opposition, she unearths that she no longer has enough ingredients to make dishes. With the principles permitting exterior ingredients to be brought in, this last ingredient permits Mayaka to cook a dish in time. Within the final scene, he shares his views on what hongou, in all likelihood, wanted with Eru, who is pleased with that answer because she feels that neither she nor Hongou like tales of the place someone dies.

She was also very caring, and before the outbreak, she gave the impression of being in good phrases with Megumi, which was confirmed when she determined to spend her final moments telling Megumi about the outbreak and not to let anybody come onto the rooftop. He is commonly seen with an unfavorable outlook and expression due to the stress of surviving the outbreak. He is also referred to as Chilly Head and is barely seen when captured inside ice cubes. Satoshi, Eru, and Mayaka plan to input their next contest, the cooking contest, as part of their plan to promote the Basic Literature Club. The Basic Literature Membership meets earlier than the beginning ceremony to repair one downside; Mayaka was supposed to order 30 copies of their anthology, but they ended up with 200 as a substitute.